Sofia Gomez starts on further development of Heart-on-Chip platform

PhD student Sofia Gomez joined the group of hDMT PI Dr Ye Wang and Prof Jaap den Toonder at Eindhoven University of Technology in January 2021, to work on the project named: Pneumatically actuated Heart-on-Chip platform with precise strain and frequency control for cardiac fibrosis modelling and beyond.

In this project, she aims to develop a multi-well platform that is capable of applying highly controlled multimodal actuations to cell and tissue cultures, as well as automatic monitoring of their mechanical responses, such as generated pressure and flow, as direct readouts. Special emphasis is made on ease-of-use, modularity and robustness for accommodating a wide range of biological and technical applications, which will be the later part of the research.

The project is a part of the continuing collaboration with Dr Jesper Hjortnaes, who works currently at Leiden University Medical Center. This project is a part of the joined effort of addressing clinically relevant questions and applications with an approach of combining engineering design and biological modeling.

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