Modeling and Treating Eye Diseases in a Dish (RoC-ME)

Alex Garanto (Radboudumc) together with Anneke den Hollander (Radboudumc) and Andries van der Meer (UTwente) have received 1,17M€ grant to develop a retina-on-chip model that allows the identification of molecular, biochemical and functional measurements to characterize disease pathophysiology and assess treatments for Inherited Retinal Diseases, Age-related Macular Degeneration and Neurometabolic Diseases. With the contribution and support of Boehringer Ingelheim, Locsense, Proefdiervrij and hDMT Organ-on-Chip consortium.

The Partnership programme Human Measurement models 2.0 for research into the treatment and/or prevention of diseases is funded by the Association of Collaborating Health Foundations (SGF) with a PPP allowance made available by Health-Holland (Top Sector Life Sciences & Health), and by ZonMw and NWO Domain AES.

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