Double Dose consortium on cardiomyopathy

In February this year the Double Dose research program on cardiomyopathy kicked off. The program is financed by the Netherlands Heart Foundation and Stichting Hartedroom (€3.250.000 in total). The consortium is led by Jolanda van der Velden (Amsterdam UMC) and Rudolf de Boer (UMCG) and combines experts in preclinical research, clinical genetics, health technology assessment and clinical researchers with a strong clinical focus on cardiomyopathy in children and adults.

The program will make use of extensive patient cohorts and the findings from DOSIS to optimize care for cardiomyopathy patients. The cost-effectiveness of current diagnostics and clinical care from both patient and societal perspective will be quantified. Furthermore, the aim is to translate the findings that metabolic alterations are central to cardiomyopathies, by initiating at least one clinical trial based on treatment(s) that reduce metabolic stress. The Double Dose program will establish serum, tissue and iPSC-CMs biobanks from a large set of cardiomyopathy patients. The consortium will provide mechanistic pre-clinical and clinical insight into the link between metabolic stress and cardiomyopathy pathophysiology, and translate these findings to optimize diagnosis and care of cardiomyopathy patients.

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