Clementine Boutry starts research on biodegradable materials for scaffolds, electrodes, actuators and wireless circuits for Organ-on-Chip at TU Delft

Clementine Boutry recently joined the ECTM Laboratory in the Department of Microlelectronics at TU Delft as a new Assistant Professor. She will work on biodegradable technologies, more specifically soft biodegradable materials with tailored mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties. They will be used to design scaffolds, integrated electrodes, actuators and wireless circuits, entirely made of biodegradable materials, for organs-on-chip.

She received her PhD from ETH Zurich (Switzerland), working on biodegradable conducting polymer composites and their integration into passive resonant circuits for wireless implant applications, under the guidance of Prof. Christofer Hierold. She then worked in industry and joined Philips Research in the healthcare department in Shanghai (China), where she developed piezoelectric and accelerometer-based biomedical sensors diagnosing cardiovascular diseases. Intrigued by the development of medical soft integrated transducers based on stretchable and organic electronics, she received a Marie-Curie and a Swiss SNSF grant to pursue her postdoctoral work at Stanford University (USA), in the group of Prof. Zhenan Bao (Organic Electronics). The return-phase of her Marie-Curie grant was performed at EPFL (Switzerland) in the group of Prof. Stephanie Lacour (Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces, Center for Neuroprosthetics). At EPFL, in addition to her research on biodegradable soft medical sensors, she also worked on the mechanical stretching of peripheral nerves with dorsal root ganglion modes. Afterwards she worked on the integration of microfabricated nanophotonic devices and mid-infrared components into a point-of-care devices for biomolecular analysis with Prof. Hatice Altug (BioNanoPhotonic Systems laboratory). She joined the Electronic Components, Technology and Materials laboratory at TU Delft since September 2021.

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