Isabel Tamargo starts PhD project on the microbe-intestine-liver axis in drug metabolism

Isabel Tamargo started as a new PhD candidate under the direct supervision of PIs Prof. Jingyuan Fu and Dr. Sebo Withoff at the Department of Genetics, University of Groningen in October 2021. The name of her project is: “Personalized in-intro model to study the role of the microbe-intestine-liver axis in drug metabolism”.

In vitro models to perform individualized drug testing are highly needed to aid personalized medicine. In this project, Isabel will generate liver and gut models in an organ-on-a-chip system derived from hiPSCs. Subsequently, by means of pharmacokinetic assays, the metabolic profile of different drugs, previously selected, whose metabolism is highly affected by the microbiome, will be studied on these systems. In more advanced phases of the project, microbiome profiles will be included to study the differences between the presence or absence of the microbiome in the metabolism of the different drugs. With this, it will be possible to identify drug metabolites produced by the microbes included in the organ on a chip system that may have potentially toxic effects on cells.

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