EUREKA call (the Netherlands and Flanders)

RVO, VLAIO, Topsector LSH (MOU in personalized medicine).

Public-private research and development collaboration projects within scope of cell-based technologies: cell- and gene therapy, human disease models, tissue engineered products and necessary quality, safety and efficacy standards for personalized medicine and health. Fit within the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023 of the Top Sector LSH. At least 1 for-profit enterprise from Flanders, 1 company from NL and 1 research organization from NL research organization. Industrial research or experimental development or combination thereof.
Cofunding: According to criteria for PPP allowance. Duration: maximum of 3 years. Budget: Maximum for both Dutch and Flemish part € 350.000 per PPP-project. Total budget 1M for both countries. Deadline: Preregistration 1 March 2022; full proposal 2 May 2022. More.
Matchmaking: 1 December 2021 (pitch ideas for bilateral collaboration)

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