Health: Destination 3: Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden
Vaccines 2.0 – developing the next generation of vaccines

Scope: Proposals should aim to diversify and accelerate the global vaccine research and development pipeline, and to strengthen the current leading role of the EU in vaccine research and development. Proposals should cover those pathogens, which still lack vaccines of sufficient efficacy, but where earlier efforts have already produced promising vaccine candidates.

Deciphering mechanisms of protection of candidates, new approaches to antigen discovery and immunogen engineering, reverse vaccinology, evaluation of vaccines in novel platforms and technologies, novel adjuvants, innovative vaccine manufacturing approaches, relevant animal models, evaluation of alternative vaccine delivery routes.

Project budget: 8M (Total budget 40M); Deadline: 1 February 2022 (1st stage), 6 September 2022 (2nd stage). More

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