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A new year is a new start. This first newsletter in 2022 is full of new people, initiatives, projects, publications, a new website and events on Organ-on-Chip within hDMT.

We are glad that Jaap den Toonder from Eindhoven University of Technology will join us in the hDMT Executive Board. And we welcome Marian Joëls, Dean and member of the UMCG Management Board, as new member of the hDMT Supervisory Board.

Three PhD students recently received their PhD degree after public defence of their thesis. Bas Lendemeijer from Erasmus MC has used human induced pluripotent stem cells for modeling brain diseases to provide new insights into the development of brain disorders. Pim de Haan from the University of Groningen focused his research on the development of gut-on-a-chip devices for drug and toxicology testing. Thijs Pasman from the University of Twente has developed and fabricated novel membranes, that enable cyclic stretching of cells to mimic breathing in Lung-on-Chip models. Congratulations to the new Doctors!

Many researchers of the hDMT consortium received a grant from national or international funding agencies for new projects or programs on Organ-on-Chip or related technologies. In particular, the Leiden University Medical Center forms part of the ambitious international consortium, called reNEW, that aims to bring stem cell-based therapies from the laboratory to the patient. The researchers in Leiden will focus on the reconstruction of tissues with stem cells to study diseases and test new drugs. Other awarded projects within hDMT include research on bone and neurodegenerative disorders, chronic kidney disease, fibrotic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and neurotoxicity using Organ-on-Chip models.

hDMT also contributes to new initiatives on Organ-on-Chip in Europe. The Focus Group on Standardization of Organ-on-Chip will kick-off in March to start with the development of the Standardization Roadmap. And the EUROoCS 2022 annual conference will be organized as a face-to-face meeting in Grenoble on 4-5 July. After two years of online events this is a welcome opportunity to renew and reinforce the contacts and collaborations between Organ-on-Chip researchers beyond borders.

We look forward to meeting you soon in person again,

Executive Board hDMT
Christine Mummery, Jaap den Toonder, Berend van Meer and Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij


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