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Radboud Summer School on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

During the five-day course, you will gain a deep understanding of culture and pluripotency maintenance of induced pluripotent stem cells. You will learn how to culture, passage, select, freeze and thaw iPSCs, how to get rid of differentiating cell contamination in your iPSC culture and how to choose the correct passaging technique. You will have your own iPSC culture with which you will be able to practice the abovementioned experiments. More information here

Summerschool Utrecht on Advanced In Vitro Models

Learn about how Advanced In Vitro Models (AIM) holds the potential to reduce animal experimentation by scientific breakthroughs. The convergence of science, technology, legislation and extrapolation modelling in Utrecht is highlighted in this week-long course. This programme is comprised of meeting experts, hands-on bench work, modelling and demonstrations. It allows for a high amount of interaction among lecturers, keynote speakers and fellow participants. More information here

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