The Alternatives Research & Development Foundation (ARDF) is currently accepting applications for its Annual Open grant program. Please see below or the ARDF webpage for more information on this opportunity. Applications are due by 11:59pm ET on April, 15, 2022.

RDF’s Annual Open grant program was established to fund research projects that develop alternative methods to advance science and replace or reduce animal use. Proposals are welcome from any nonprofit educational or research institution worldwide, although there is a preference for U.S. applications in order to more quickly advance alternatives here.

Expert reviewers evaluate proposals based on scientific merit and feasibility, and the potential to reduce or replace the use of animals in the near future. Proposals are considered in fields of research, testing, or education. The maximum grant is $40,000, with an average 21% funding rate from 2015 to 2021.


Non-profit, educational, and/or research institutions
May not use intact, non-human vertebrate or invertebrate animals
Research, testing, and education fields

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