Sabeth Verpoorte and Pim de Haan authors of a guide on ‘organ-on-a-chip’.

An invited review co-authored by Prof. Sabeth Verpoorte and postdoc Pim de Haan (Pharmaceutical Analysis, University of Groningen) appeared in Nature Reviews Methods Primers on May 12, 2022. Entitled “Guide to the organ-on-a-chip”, this paper was written as a collaborative effort by an international team of organ-on-a-chip experts put together by Verpoorte. Pim de Haan is a shared first author of this work. Organs-on-chips are miniature versions of human tissues or organs that are interconnected with hair-fine microfluidic channels to supply them with growth medium and to take samples for analysis. They can be used to unravel and better understand (patho)physiological processes, as well as assess drug efficacy and safety.

Experimental set-up for a generic two-organ system with supporting peripheral equipment.


The article gives an introduction into the organ-on-a-chip field, including organ-chip design and fabrication, potential uses and limitations, choice of biological model (e.g. cell lines, tissue slices, or induced pluripotent stem cells) and the laboratory infrastructure required to work with these innovative in vitro model systems.

Sabeth Verpoorte and Pim de Haan

The article is available here:

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