Venture Challenge NWO

Purpose: The aim of the Venture Challenge (VC) programme is to give participating teams a better idea of what needs to be done to realise a commercially interesting proposition for investors. In the VC programme, the teams will acquire insight into which type of validation for their (future) startup is relevant from a commercial perspective, which will increase the chances of a better product or service being realised. In the VC programme, several teams will be taking part at the same time. The advantage of this approach is that the teams can learn from each other by challenging each other and giving each other feedback. Furthermore, by going through this “pressure cooker” together, the teams will build up a good mutual network.,br/.

Criteria: Intention to establish or recently established startup
Total budget: 100.000€
Project costs: The size of the grant covers the costs of participation minus the own contribution. The own contribution per team is: – €2000 in the case of 3 team members participating; – €2500 in the case of 4 team members participating
Deadline: 14 June 2022


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