KIC Demand-Driven Partnerships for Consortia Round 2022

Purpose: Within Demand-Driven Partnerships for Consortia NWO provides an opportunity for consortia to organise, develop and grow to a size from which societal (including economic) impact may be expected. The project proposal arises from a self-chosen knowledge and/or development question that fits within one or more Knowledge- and innovation agendas (KIAs).

Who can apply: Pre-proposals and full proposals are submitted by a main applicant and one or more co-applicants. A proposal is developed up by a consortium in which other participants, including co-funders, are involved in addition to the applicants. A consortium always consists of researchers from two or more different knowledge institutions, supplemented by one or more co-funders and possibly supplemented by one or more collaboration partners.

What to apply for: For this call for proposals, NWO is making a budget of 7.5 million euros available. The call KIC Demand‐Driven Partnerships for Consortia 2022‐2023 has two rounds. At the start of 2023, the final budget for this Call for proposals and the intended allocation of the total available budget for both rounds will be published. Please disregard the budget field on this website (if present).

For an application in this Call for proposals, a minimum of € 1,500,000 and a maximum of € 5,000,000 can be applied for in terms of NWO funding. With this, NWO finances maximally 50% of the total project budget; the rest of the funding must be contributed by the compulsory co-funding.

The following budget modules are available: Personnel costs; Material costs; Investments; Knowledge utilisation; Internationalisation; Money follows Cooperation and Project management.

Deadline: Closing date for pre-registration 20 September 2022, Closing date full application 21 February 2023


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