Emerging key enabling technologies – NWO

Purpose: The goal of the programme ‘Emerging Key Enabling Technologies’ is to create a breeding ground for innovative, disruptive ideas. We are looking for promising ideas in the academic setting that have a potential for wide application.

Criteria:  A proposal is written by a consortium in which besides the applicants, other participants are involved as well. The applying consortium should be made up of at least two co-funders from different sectors.  Appropriateness within the goal of the call; scientific and/or societal impact; quality of the consortium; quality of the research

Total budget: 8 M€

Project costs: Minimum € 675.000, maximum €1.125.000. NWO finances maximally 90% of the total project budget;

Deadline: Preproposal 20 December 2022

More information: https://www.nwo.nl/en/calls/emerging-key-enabling-technologies


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