Spotlight on animal-free innovations at VU and Amsterdam UMC

Researchers at VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC are working on new methods of research that will reduce animal testing. It’s all part of the initiative Transition to Animal-Free Innovations Amsterdam (TPI Amsterdam). New images from the lab give us a good view of their work.

One participant, Professor Bas Teusink (systems biology, VU Amsterdam), is mapping out cell metabolism in order to better predict chemical reactions. While Professor Sue Gibbs (skin and mucosa regenerative medicine, Amsterdam UMC and the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)) is pioneering the use of skin organoids in the lab: real living skin tissue, which can be used to study skin conditions or determine the safety of certain dental treatments. Professor Dasja Pajkrt (paediatric infectious disease, Amsterdam UMC) is developing brain organoids in the lab in order to study the effect of viruses on the brain. And Professor Jolanda van der Velden (physiology, Amsterdam UMC) is researching congenital and genetic heart conditions by developing heart organoids: heart cells that grow into a mini-heart in the lab.

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