Niels Harlaar (LUMC) wins Hugo van Poelgeest Award

This year the Hugo van Poelgeest Award ( € 3000,-) was won by Niels Harlaar (LUMC). During the Toekomstproef event in Beeld & Geluid Den Haag on November 18th he received the award for his work on the development of new human heart models to replace laboratory animals in heart disease research.

The winner of the audience award was Valentina Palacio-Castañeda (Radboudumc). In her non-animal research, she uses Organs-on-Chips to study the application of new therapeutic proteins for the treatment of cancer.

The third nominee was Victoria de Leeuw, who is working on an important transition to animal-free safety assessment of chemicals and medication for humans.
Berend van Meer, the winner of 2020, gave a lecture about the progress in the Organ-on-Chip field.

Source: proefdiervrij

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