University of Applied Sciences Leiden is first Hogeschool to join hDMT

University of Applied Sciences Leiden is first Hogeschool to join hDMT. By 1 December 2022 the hDMT Consortium has welcomed Hogeschool Leiden as the 16th partner organization. Peter Lindenburg(l) and Walter Zuijderduin are the representatives in the hDMT Consortium Assembly.

The Leiden Centre for Applied Bioscience (LCAB) is the research institute of the Faculty of Science & Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. The LCAB consists of six research groups, including Genome-based Health, Metabolomics, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics, Applied Microbiology and Food, Health & Innovation. Aim is to conduct practice-oriented research in the field of Bioscience. The LCAB contributes to the training of applied science students to become future-proof professionals by ensuring a good connection with the requirements and wishes of the professional practice.

LCAB has an ongoing research line on Organ-on-Chip and wants to contribute to further acceptance of Organs-on-Chips for drug development research by developing practically applicable methods. The research activities and results provide an important innovation impulse to the educational applied science programs. Besides education of students, LCAB is also skilled in developing courses for professionals in lifelong learning programs.

Hogeschool Leiden is member of the Domain of Applied Science (

This platform is a collaboration between 15 Dutch universities of applied sciences (hogescholen). The DAS Foundation coordinates and supports this collaboration.

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