Kick-off meeting hDMT Bone-on-Chip meeting was a real eye-opener

On December 7th 2022 the brand new hDMT Bone-on-Chip theme group meeting kicked off in Amsterdam. After an overview of the challenges and opportunities in the Bone-on-Chip field by the coordinators Nathalie Bravenboer (chair, Amsterdam UMC) and Liliana Moreira Texeira (vice-chair, UTwente) there were inspiring talks of researchers from different hDMT partner organizations.

Looking behind the scenes of the many research groups was a real eye-opener for the participants and already led to new collaborations and stronger existing relationships.

All in all a useful start of the hDMT Bone-on-Chip community.

Liliana Moreira Texeira and Nathalie Bravenboer start the kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting hDMT Bone-on-Chip theme group in Amsterdam on Dec 7th

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