Create2Solve Fase 1 (Proof of Concept) – ZonMw (MKMD)

Purpose: The basis for Create2Solve is several predefined challenges through which parties try to make the use of (laboratory) animals in biomedical research redundant by developing or implementing an animal-free innovation. 5 challenges: total budget 2.6M

Two phases:

  • Phase 1: Submission of proof-of-concept project for 1 of the 5 challenges. Per challenge, several proof-of-concept projects can be awarded (total 6)
    Max 7 months to collect data to demonstrate their capability of providing an animal-free solution for the posed challenge (100K per project)
  • Phase 2: Submission of a project proposal for providing a prototype of the animal- free innovation as commercially interesting solution for the challenge. within 2-5 yr (1M per project).

Applicants: The main applicant should be affiliated with a Dutch research institution and should collaborate with a commercial party (SME or large company with office in NL).

Open Phase 1: mid-April 2023

Deadline: + 10 weeks

More information: here



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