Key enabling technologies for diagnostics and treatment of (post-)COVID – ZonMw

Purpose: (Further) development of life science and digital key technologies focused on diagnostics and treatment of post-COVID, COVID-19 and possible new infectious diseases.
In addition, this call focuses on building and strengthening intensive and sustainable public- private collaborations between knowledge institutions, healthcare institutions and companies to create a strong position of Dutch industry and knowledge infrastructure in the field of pandemic preparedness.

Two phases:

  • Phase 1: Early Technology Readiness Level (TRL) phase (progression from TRL1 or TRL 2 to TRL3)
  • Phase 2: Later TRL phase (from TRL3 to TRL6) within the innovation chain.
    Interested parties submit to only one of the two phases based on the TRL level.

Applicants: Public-private partnerships (1 research organization + 1 for-profit company)

Duration: Max 12 months.

Open: 31 March 2023

Deadline: 15 May 2023

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