Radboud Summer School

Induced pluripotent stem Cells; maintenance, differentiation and uses for regenerative medicine

This course is designed for both junior and senior scientists who would like to acquire some knowledge on maintenance, expansion and characterization of induced pluripotent stem cells and their many potential uses in regenerative medicine and clinical therapy.

During this five-day course, you will gain a deep understanding of culture and pluripotency maintenance of induced pluripotent stem cells. We will show you how to culture, passage, select, freeze and thaw iPSCs. We will teach you how to get rid of differentiating cell contamination in your iPSC culture and how to choose the correct passaging technique. You will have your own iPSC culture with which you will be able to practice the above mentioned experiments. Moreover, you will learn how to successfully characterize your iPSCs and to assess the results under a fluorescence microscope. During most of the mornings you will follow lectures on the use of iPSCs for regenerative medicine and for clinical therapy.

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