Successful MPS World Summit 2023 in Berlin

From June 26-30 the MPS World Summit, organized by CAAT (US and Europe) and EUROoCS, was held in Berlin. The MPS field is exploding, with an exponential increase in the participants compared to the MPS World Summit 2022 in New Orleans and the EUROoCS conference in Grenoble last year. It was a week full of excellent science with many new insights and approaches, inspiring keynotes, great variety of symposia and posters, interesting round tables, a huge number of exhibitors and sponsors, and energizing social events.
Europe can be proud of its many scientists, and growing number of EUROoCS members, who presented their newest results. The Netherlands was well-represented with many researchers from hDMT. The EUROoCS Academy and the two workshops, on Qualification and Standardization, that were held prior to the conference, were a success. And the new international MPS Socety (iMPSS) was born, bringing together all MPS stakeholders around the world.

No doubt that both the EUROoCS conference in Milano, Italy, on 3-5 July 2024, and the MPS World Summit in Seattle on 7-10 June 2024 will continue this trend of community building and will show the next outstanding advances and breakthroughs in this exciting field.

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