Portrait and video Luc van der Laan

Liver diseases have a significant impact on a patient’s life. Treatments don’t always succeed, and sometimes organ transplantation is the only way out. Luc van der Laan studies the most suitable treatment using organoids and seeks to better understand liver diseases. “A lot of trial and error is required, but ultimately, you make progress. It’s a matter of persistence.”

Luc van der Laan is a professor of regenerative medicine and head of the Laboratory of Experimental Transplantation and Intestinal Surgery (LETIS) at Erasmus MC. He was recently appointed as a Medical Delta professor with an affiliation at TU Delft. Van der Laan is one of the Scientific Leaders of the scientific program Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D: Generating complex tissues with stem cells and printing technology.

Luc van der Laan tells about his research and appointment as Medical Delta professor.

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