NWA Research along Routes by Consortia 2024 (NWA-ORC 2024)

Purpose  The aim of the NWA-ORC 2024 call for proposals is to encourage research that is set up   and carried out by interdisciplinary consortia that include representatives from the full   breadth of the knowledge chain as well as relevant societal (public and/or private)     partners, including citizens. The research will address problems, focused on themes   that are proposed by NWA-route networks (based on 140 cluster questions)

Themes:   Route Personalized medicine: Disease, individual, and environment: the   importance of mutual interactions across two or more pathologies, and the   differences per individual.

Route Regenerative medicine: The biomedical innovation, product development and   application of 3D models: building bridges between fundamental research and   healthcare

Criteria  Main- and co-applicants, cooperation partners, co-funders

Total budget  94.5 M€

Project costs  6.75 M€ (min 4yr, max 8yr), 1 application per theme awarded

Cofinancing    Not compulsory

Deadline  Initiative 9 April 2024; full proposal 1 October 2024

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