Open Competition Domain Science XS 2024: round 1

Purpose  The ENW-XS category is specifically intended to encourage curiosity-driven   and bold research that involves the relatively rapid exploration of a   promising idea. At the end of the ENW-XS project, researchers can decide for   themselves whether or not to pursue this new line of research any further.   One way in which this can be done is to submit a proposal within another   funding programme in the Open Competition Domain Science (ENW-M and   ENW-XL) or elsewhere.

Criteria  Postdocs (can request their own salary)

Project costs  50 K (min 6, max 12 months)

Total budget:   1.4 M€


Round 1: 5 March 2024
Round 2: 14 May 2024
Round 3: 28 August 2024
Round 4: 15 October 2024

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