Dynamic Kick-off 10th hDMT theme group: Lung-on-Chip

The first meeting of the hDMT Lung-on-Chip theme group is a fact! On the 21st of February 2024, over 20 researchers met at the Leiden University Medical Center, starting a new significant initiative to accelerate Dutch Lung-on-chip research. The working group, chaired by Anne van der Does (LUMC) together with Reinoud Gosens (RuG) as the vice-chair, attracted researchers active in the Lung-on-Chip field from hDMT partner organizations throughout the Netherlands.

The meeting featured insightful talks from both senior and junior scientists, delving into a comprehensive exploration of the current state-of-the-art and future prospects of Lung-on-Chip technology at their research groups. The discussions spanned diverse topics, offering increased technological insights while dissecting the obstacles and potential solutions for future developments in this groundbreaking technology. An overview of relevant funding opportunities was also provided.

The meeting served as a dynamic platform for participants to exchange ideas, troubleshoot existing queries, and foster connections among the researchers. The collaborative spirit at the event not only facilitated knowledge-sharing but also initiated a sense of community among the researchers involved, setting the stage for potential interdisciplinary collaborations.

The hDMT Lung-on-Chip theme group has already set its sights on the next meeting, scheduled to take place in Groningen on October 2, 2024. This meeting will focus on tackling the myriad of challenges that lie ahead and ways to collaborate to accelerate further developments. This forward-looking approach underscores the commitment of the participants to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in the field of Lung-on-Chip technology.

For the program of the Lung-on-Chip Kick-off meeting click here.


To achieve tissue level representation in the chips, integrate lung-specific features such as airflow and stretch, and ideally combine chips to represent the different anatomical regions of the lungs, the following challenges need to be resolved:

  • For application of lung-relevant mechanobiological cues:
  • Application of bi-directional airflow
  • Development of stretchable membranes
  • Biomimetic culture substrates/porous membranes concerning substrate microtopography and elasticity
  • Integrate application of stretch
  • Inclusion of lung-specific ECM
  • Inclusion of immune cells, e.g. alveolar macrophages in the alveolar models
  • Generation of sufficient cell numbers for especially alveolar epithelial cells
  • Controlled and optimal differentiation of cell cultures matching the anatomical location of the lung that is represented.
  • More efficient generation of airway and alveolar type-2 cells from hiPSCs

Read more about the Lung-on-Chip group here.

Chair, Anne van der Does, LUMC – Vice-chair, Reinoud Gosens, University of Groningen

Note: If you are interested to become a member of the hDMT Lung-on-Chip theme group and actively contribute to the development and implementation of Lung-on-Chip models, please send an email with your request to info@hdmt.technology.

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