NWO KIC-KET project for Séverine Le Gac (UTwente)

Séverine Le Gac (UTwente) has received a grant entitled ‘Tumor-on-Chip (ToC) platform incorporating Sensing hydrogel MAtrices – correlating microenvironment and Response to immunotherapy  (SMART-ToC)’ from NWO, on the KIC-KET program.

SMART-ToC will develop an advanced breast cancer model in a miniaturized on-chip format for testing (immuno) therapies, while pursuing an animal-free experimental approach. Our model will accurately reproduce and measure important environmental factors of native tumors that are lacking in current therapy-testing approaches while significantly impacting treatment outcomes. Our model comprises a three-dimensional multi-cellular culture in innovative tailorable and sensing scaffolds, that allow correlating microenvironment and therapeutic outcomes. We will conduct in parallel an innovation trajectory towards societal acceptance. Our trans-disciplinary team, including experts and various stakeholders, will streamline therapy development, aid developing patient-specific treatments and benefit industrial productivity and society.

This research will be conducted by a large and multi-disciplinary consortium, with Dr. Paez  (UTwente), Dr. Verdurmen (Radboudumc), Profs. Bennink & Dorrestijn, and Dr. Schulze Greiving (all Saxion, University of Applied Sciences), Dr.Ruggi (Université de Fribourg (CH)),  as well as a variety of partners (industrial (ProColl, ibidi, Synaffix), societal (Stichting Proefdiervrij, hDMT) and TNO).

Source: NWO

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