hDMT documents

About organs-on-chips and hdMT

ORCHID: Towards a roadmap for Organs-on-Chip (2019)
ORCHID: Building Blocks for a European Organ-on-Chip Roadmap (2019)

Towards precision medicine in future healthcare (hDMT White Paper, 2016)

Everthing you always wanted to know about organ-on-chip technology and hDMT (but were afraid to ask) (hDMT FAQ, 2016)

Alles wat je altijd al wilde weten over orgaan-op-een-chip technologie en hDMT (maar nooit durfde te vragen) (hDMT FAQ, 2016)

Stamcellen: Wetenschap, werkelijkheid en fictie (Biowetenschappen en maatschappij, kwartaal 2, 2016)

Workshop meeting report Organs-on-Chips: human disease models (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013)


About hDMT

hDMT statement about animal experiments (September 2018)

hDMT privacy statement (July 2018)

hDMT Flyer (August 2019)

hDMT organizational chart (November 2015)

hDMT Partner Agreement (July 2015)

Procedure for admission and accession of new partners to the hDMT Consortium 

Akte van Oprichting hDMT (February 2015) (Articles of Association/Incorporation, in Dutch only)

Scientific Expertise and Facilities of hDMT Founding Partners (December 2014)

Report workshop Organ on a chip for human organ and disease models (December 2014) 

Persbericht hDMT (April 2015)


Science Policy and hDMT

2016 ECSEL Multi Annual Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA) See page 46 section 4.c)

Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2016-2019 Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, The Hague, 11 June 2015. See page 17, 24 and 25 (hDMT)

Roadmaps Topsector Chemie (as published in the Kennis- en Innovatieagenda 2016-2019) (1 juni 2015). See page 76-78.

Beter zonder proefdieren. Wetenschappelijke en economische voordelen van proefdiervrije methoden (Brochure ZonMw, november 2015) (in Dutch)

Innovation contract 2012 from the topsector Life Sciences & Health, March 2012. See page 48

Dutch Research Agenda (KNAW, 2011)