University of Twente





Robert Passier 

Andries van der Meer

Added value University of Twente for hDMT

• Expertise of the MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology and the MIRA institute for Biomedical
Technology and Technical Medicine
• Leading Dutch center in BioNanoTechnology
• Leading Dutch center for applied microfluidics
• Leading Dutch center for technology inspired regenerative medicine
• Leading Dutch center in technology inspired applied cell biology


Added value hDMT for University of Twente

• Collaborations with University Medical Centers
• Access to patient material
• Translational research using technology developed at the University of Twente


Expertise and facilities:


• BioNanoTechnology
• Microfluidic devices design and testing including droplet microfluidics, microfluidics for cell
culture, microfluidics for diagnostics
• Organic chemistry and polymer chemistry
• Membrane process technology
• Biofabrication technology and 3D manufacturing of scaffolds
• Technology inspired regenerative medicine


• Mesa+ NanoLab (cleanroom) for nanofabrication
• Mesa+ BioNanoLab with high throughput robotics and high content imaging
• State of the art facilities for organic and polymer chemistry and process technology
• State of the art cell culture facilities
• State of the art facilities for molecular biology at ML1 and ML2 level


Ongoing projects:

Group van den Berg
Human blood vessel model, e.g. for arterial (e.g. atherosclerosis) and venous thrombosis
(collaboration LUMC/Philips Research). Funding by ZonMW Cardiotox in hPSC (R. Passier,
LUMC), ERC Advanced (C. Mummery, LUMC).
Human Blood-Brain-Barrier model (collaboration Mimetas, Wyss institute).

Group Karperien
Microwell platforms for stem cell culture and cartilage engineering
Dutch Arthritis Association program grant, CSC grant Chinese Government (M. Karperien).
Microwell platforms for culture and transplantation of Islets of Langerhans
(collaboration with Galapagos B.V. and E. de Koning, LUMC). Diabetes Cell Replacement
Initiative (DCTI) (Karperien / van Apeldoorn).
Microfluidic systems for preparation of microgels mimicking cellular micro-niches
using in situ gelating hydrogels of ECM molecules.

Dutch Arthritis Association (Karperien).
Microfluidic systems for the preparation of microgels for conformal encapsulation of
Islets of Langerhans using in situ gelating hydrogels of ECM molecules.

(collaboration with Galapagos B.V. and E. de Koning, LUMC). Diabetes Cell Replacement
Initiative (DCTI) (Karperien).
Development of software tools for modelling of biological signaling routes.
(collaboration with J van de Pol, UTwente) Dutch Arthritis Association program grant, MIRA
voucher (Karperien, Post).

Group Stamatialis
06C.12 High throughput screening of biologically active surface nano-topographies
within the 06C
NANO-BIO INTERFACES & DEVICES (NBID). NanoNext project (together with Prof. Jan de
Boer (TR group)).

Group Claessens
Development of a platform to induce Lewy bodies (pathological characteristic of
Parkinson’s disease) in neuronal cell lines and primary neurons
Chris Raiss. Funded by the NWO VIDI grant of Mireille Claessens.
Influence of the induction of different types of Lewy bodies on the activity of primary
neurons using electrophysiological measuring
Collaboration with Joost le Feber. Proposal in preparation.
Relationship between formation of different types of Lewy bodies and toxicity in a
model system
Collaboration with Irene Konings and Kirsten Leijenhorst. Funding by Stichting Parkinson Fonds.
Development of a platform to study signal transduction and protein aggregation in
neuronal networks derived from iPS cells using super resolution microscopy.

Project Amin Abolghassemi Fakhree. Collaboration with the group of Sjef Copray.
Study on improvement of the quality of cartilage using protein-fibril-based scaffolds.
Maurice van Dalen/DBE group. Funding by MESA+ graduate school.
Lipid vesicles or supported lipid bilayers as model system for cell membranes.

Group le Gac
Lung on a chip.



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Metabolic programming of mesenchymal stromal cells by oxygen tension directs chondrogenic
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Wessling, M., de Boer, J., Stamatialis, D.. Fabrication of cell container arrays with overlaid
topographies, Biomed. Microdev., 14 (2012) 95-107.


Relevant patents:

Group Karperien
• P96086EP00: A dextran-based tissuelette containing platelet-rich plasma lysate for
cartilage repair
. 2011. L. Moreira Teixeira, P. J. Dijkstra, M. Karperien.
• P88580EP00: Functionalized VHH for application in tissue repair, organ regeneration,
organ replacement and tissue engineering
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Khatabi, C.A. van Blitterswijk, J. de Boer, C.T Verrips.
• P89756EP00: Heparin Tyramine Based Hydrogels. 2009. M. Karperien, R. Jin, L. Moreira-
Teixeira, P. Dijkstra, J. Feijen.
• P89757EP00: Dextran-Hyaluronic Acid Based Hydrogels. 2009. M. Karperien, R. Jin, L.
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• P89239EP00: Scaffold for diabetes treatment. 2009 A.A. van Apeldoorn, C.A. van
Blitterswijk, M.A. Engelse, E.J.P. de Koning, M. Karperien.

Group Stamatialis
High throughput screening method and apparatus for analyzing interactions between
surfaces with different topography and environment
, J. de Boer, C. van Blitterswijk, H.
Unadkat, D.F. Stamatialis, B. Papenburg, M. Wessling WO 2009/058015 A1 (2009).

Group Claessens
Provisional patent on platform to induce Lewy bodies (pathological characteristic of
Parkinson’s disease) in neuronal cell lines and primary neurons