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Development of microfluidic channel embedded in a freestanding PDMS membrane


A team of three PhD students at TU Delft achieved the fabrication of a novel and promising device that consists of a microfluidic system embedded in a freestanding PDMS membrane. This device has the potential to be used as universal Organ-on-Chip platform suitable to model an extensive range of organs including Lung-­on-Chip, Vessel-­on-­Chip and Blood-Brain Barrier-on-Chip.

The device can be equipped with the most important features required for an Organ-on-Chip, such as complex microfluidics systems to mimic immune and blood vessels, mechanical stimulation to replicate the forces that tissues experience in vivo, and co-culturing supports to replicate tissue-tissue interface. With the cleanroom compatible micro-fabrication process developed by the team, very large production volume, yield and reproducibility can be achieved, taking Organ-on-Chip beyond its academic applications. The team believes that the device has the potential to improve current in vitro models used during preclinical efficacy and toxicity tests, reducing false negatives and false positives. This invention represents the foundation of the team's venture called BI/OND (living chips)

A 3D sketch of the Microfluidic channel embedded in the PDMS.


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Team members BI/OND

Cinzia Silvestri is a 4 year PhD student at Delft University, currently involved in the NanoNextNL program. Within the program, she attended both the IP and Valorization Awareness and the Entrepreneurship courses. She has a broad experience from packaging, to integration of carbon related materials.

Nikolas Gaio is a 2 year PhD student at Delft University, involved in the European funded “InForMed” project. Gaio is also the Demonstrator Leader of the “Advanced Devices for Electrophysiology” demonstrator, focusing on the Cytostretch MEA scaling and packaging.

William Quiros Solano is a 3 year PhD candidate at Delft University, in an exchange project with Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica. His main expertise is polymer­-based microfabrication and sensor integration on flexible substrate