Postdoctoral Scientist Organ function on-a-chip​

TNO, together with LACDR (Leiden University), is looking for a Postdoctoral Scientist "Organ function on-a-chip". Deadline October 1st 2020.




Post-Doc Position: Realization and Functionalization of a Multi-well Plate for Organ-on-Chip Applications

The Delft University of Technology is offering a position for a talented and highly motivated Post-Doc with a special interest in biomedical engineering, sensor systems, microphysiological systems (Organ-on-Chip), electrochemistry and electrophysiology. Deadline before May 1st 2020

Research assistant / Technician for the stem cell culture lab

The Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine seeks a research assistant / technician (m/f) for a permanent position. Start date: first half of 2020.

PhD candidate on bioengineering functional liver tissue from human bio-scaffold and stem cells

Erasmus MC has a PhD position available for 4-years to participate in the development of a closed-loop perfusion device and to explore strategies to construct functional liver tissue in this setting. (application deadline 14 January 2020)

PhD position Light-assisted 3D manufacturing of neuronal microenvironments

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has a PhD position available to perform research for 4-years at the interface between Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Neuroscience. (application deadline 15 January 2020)

PhD position Cardiovascular pathology and SkinLab

Amsterdam UMC (Amsterdam, NL) has a PhD position available to perform research for 4-years into the process of NETosis (neutrophil extracellular trap formation) in burn wounds. (application deadline 5 January 2020)

2 Post-doc position in lung regeneration

The University of Groningen, Aston University (Birmingham, UK), the Leiden University Medical Center, and the University of Twente have 2 post-doc positions (1.0 FTE) available on a joint consortium project to investigate new mechanisms of lung repair focusing on the role of the endothelial cell. The preferred starting dates will be 1 January 2020. (application deadline 3 November 2019)

2 international PhD students for a human gut and -lymphatics on-chip (ARCAID project)

Amsterdam UMC is looking for 2 international PhD students for a human gut and -lymphatics on-chip to model functional immune surveillance and activation (application deadline 1 November 2019)
PhD1: (ESR 19) development of immune-competent gut on-chip model
PhD2: (ESR 20) development of immune-competent lymph node on-chip model including lymph node stromal cells, lymphocytes, and dendritic cells.
More info and how to apply can be found at Recruitment procedure  and Online applications


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