PhD on single-cell bioprinting in micofluidic devices to create hierarchical and multicellular on-chip microtissues

Unviersity of Twente is looking for a PhD-student. You will explore on-chip single cell bioprinting using laser-induced-forward-transfer (LIFT) to engineer hierarchical, structured, and multicellular organ-on-chips. Specifically, using this approach an articular joint-on-chip model shall be created, which will include cartilage, bone, and synovial membrane tissues. Submit your application before 1 December 2021.


Postdoctoral Researcher human joint Organ-on-Chip model 

University of Twente is looking for a postdoctoral researcher. You will develop a novel organ on chip model of the human joint to understand the gendered nature of osteoarthritis (OA). This state-of-the-art micro-technological approach will be combined with advanced proteomics and metabolomics, to deepen the understanding of the onset and progression of OA, with the ultimate goal to allow for more effective development and screening of OA drugs. Submit your application before 1 December 2021.


PhD student position The role of the gut in brain disorders

UMC Groningen has a PhD student position on a project focussing on the role of the intestine in brain disorders: Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. These disorders are associated with changes in gut microbiome composition and intestinal symptoms, sometimes years before brain symptoms appear. Closing date: November 17


Two PhD positions Developing and utilizing modular Organ-on-Chip Technology

University Twente has two PhD positions available within the project “SMART Organ-on-Chip: Standardized open Modular Approach to Recapitulate Tissues”. Position 1: SMART docking plate development & position 2: Integrating docking plate, chip modules, and readout technology. Deadline 30 September 2021, 23:59 CET.



Post-doctoral researcher in Microelectromechanical Organs-on-Chip

Within the Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI), the ECTM group at TU Delft is looking for an enthusiastic post-doc to supervise and expand ongoing activities in innovative and scalable microelectromechanical organ-on-chip devices (OoCs), and to contribute pro-actively to bring the devices to full fruition for biological applications within the NOCI. The position is immediately open, and will be filled as soon as the fitting candidate is found.

Assistant/associate professor in mucosal immunology position at the University Medical Center Groningen

To strengthen the team UMCG has a position available for a highly talented mucosal immunologist with a PhD or MD/PhD degree who has successfully completed relevant post-doctoral training. Their ambition is to further understand the disturbed homeostasis between the mucosal immune-system and the gut microbial content to identify potential drug targets or leads for personalizing treatment. Closing date August 22, 2021.

Two post-doctoral researchers and one technician within the European Joint Program for Rare Diseases (EJPRD), and the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) USA

Collin & Garanto lab from Radboudumc has open positions for two post-doctoral researchers and one technician. The research aims to translate new genetic therapies to patient care. Deadline May 25, 2021

(Senior) Postdoctoral researcher for the University Eye Clinic Maastricht (cell biology, biochemistry or related field) to develop new, personalized treatments for glaucoma

MUMC+ is looking for a (senior) postdoctoral researcher who will help to further build a glaucoma research center which employs biochemical analysis of blood and aqueous humor samples, and in vitro assays on patient cells to assess patients’ individual glaucoma profile. An important task of the postdoc will be to establish in vitro glaucoma models using cells of patients, including retinal cells derived from iPSCs. Deadline July 7, 2021.

Cell biology analist at TNO Zeist

Contributing to innovative cell biological and pharmacological research conducted by TNO together with companies and universities. TNO Zeist is looking for a Cell biology analyst. As a cell biology analyst in the Human Cell Biology research team, you work on projects focused on cell biological and pharmacokinetic issues. For example, the liver metabolism of medicines or the intestinal absorption of medicines and food ingredients during illness and health. Deadline July 23, 2021.

Technician Human Disease Model Technology

Erasmus MC is offering a part-time experienced research technician position for 2 years in the field of Human Disease Model Technology and in particular in the field of Vascular Disease with a specific focus on aorta aneurysms. The research aims at creating in vitro disease models to gain new insights into the development of the disease. Deadline April 13, 2021.

Postdoc on human disease models​

Erasmus MC has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of vascular disease with a specific focus on aorta aneurysms. The research aims at creating in vitro disease models to gain new insights into the development of the disease. Deadline April 6, 2021.

PhD candidate “Developing Microfluidic Organ-on-Chip Devices of the Heart”

University of Twente is looking for a PhD candidate to participate in a pan-European research program led by EPFL in Switzerland called Digipredict. You will be working on the development of ‘physical avatars’ of patients by developing microfluidic organ-on-chip devices of the heart that integrate patient samples. By linking the data from these physical avatars with data from clinical measurements, we will generate an accurate picture of how the disease is progressing in a patient and how well chosen treatments are working.
Deadline before February 14, 2021

Two PhD candidates on the Mathematical Modeling of Cardiovascular Development

The openings are for research positions within the field of mathematical or theoretical biology, computational physics, applied mathematics or computational science.
PhD 1: Cell-microenvironment Interactions in Tumor Angiogenesis 

PhD 2: Functional-structural feedback in pacemaker development
Deadline January 15th 2021.

Postdoctoral researcher (cell biology, biochemistry or related field) to develop new, personalized treatments for glaucoma

University Clinic for Ophthalmology (MUMC) is looking for a postdoc to establish in vitro glaucoma models using cells of patients, including retinal cells derived from iPSCs. These in vitro models will be used to develop and select appropriate treatment options. Deadline Nov 29th 2020.

Promovendus: Probiotica voor hersenaandoeningen

UMC Groningen zoekt enthousiaste afgestudeerde met een biomedische achtergrond op masterniveau (celbiologie, biologie, microbiologie, biomedische wetenschappen of iets equivalents) voor een promotie traject. Het onderzoeksproject richt zich op de effecten van probiotica bij vier veelvoorkomende hersenaandoeningen: de ziekte van Alzheimer, de ziekte van Parkinson, schizofrenie en bipolaire stoornis. Deadline Nov 22nd 2020. 

Postdoctoral Position "Building a multi-tissue microfluidics system of metastatic potential"

Erasmus MC is offering a 3-years position for a talented and motivated Post-Doc with a special interest in biomedical engineering, microphysiological systems (Organ-on-Chip) and life cell imaging, to develop a (prostate) cancer metastatic liver invasion assay. This project is a collaboration with InSphero AG, Switzerland. Deadline Dec 1st 2020.

Postdoctoral Scientist Organ function on-a-chip​

TNO, together with LACDR (Leiden University), is looking for a Postdoctoral Scientist "Organ function on-a-chip". Deadline October 1st 2020.

Post-Doc Position: Realization and Functionalization of a Multi-well Plate for Organ-on-Chip Applications

The Delft University of Technology is offering a position for a talented and highly motivated Post-Doc with a special interest in biomedical engineering, sensor systems, microphysiological systems (Organ-on-Chip), electrochemistry and electrophysiology. Deadline before May 1st 2020

PhD candidate on bioengineering functional liver tissue from human bio-scaffold and stem cells

Erasmus MC has a PhD position available for 4-years to participate in the development of a closed-loop perfusion device and to explore strategies to construct functional liver tissue in this setting. (application deadline 14 January 2020)

PhD position Light-assisted 3D manufacturing of neuronal microenvironments

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has a PhD position available to perform research for 4-years at the interface between Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Neuroscience. (application deadline 15 January 2020)

PhD position Cardiovascular pathology and SkinLab

Amsterdam UMC (Amsterdam, NL) has a PhD position available to perform research for 4-years into the process of NETosis (neutrophil extracellular trap formation) in burn wounds. (application deadline 5 January 2020)

2 Post-doc position in lung regeneration

The University of Groningen, Aston University (Birmingham, UK), the Leiden University Medical Center, and the University of Twente have 2 post-doc positions (1.0 FTE) available on a joint consortium project to investigate new mechanisms of lung repair focusing on the role of the endothelial cell. The preferred starting dates will be 1 January 2020. (application deadline 3 November 2019)

2 international PhD students for a human gut and -lymphatics on-chip (ARCAID project)

Amsterdam UMC is looking for 2 international PhD students for a human gut and -lymphatics on-chip to model functional immune surveillance and activation (application deadline 1 November 2019)
PhD1: (ESR 19) development of immune-competent gut on-chip model
PhD2: (ESR 20) development of immune-competent lymph node on-chip model including lymph node stromal cells, lymphocytes, and dendritic cells.
More info and how to apply can be found at Recruitment procedure  and Online applications


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