Consortium Assembly

The Consortium Assembly is the representative body of the partners. The Consortium Assembly is the forum to discuss and exchange strategy and policy issues between hDMT and hDMT partners.

Per hDMT partner one representative (and one deputy) is a member of the Consortium Assembly. Decision-making by the Consortium Assembly is only possible if the majority of the partners is present or represented during the meeting. The meetings are held in April and October.

Tasks and responsibilities

The Consortium Assembly has the following tasks and responsibilities as stated in the Articles of Association of hDMT:

  1. Functioning as a sparring partner of the executive board with respect to the further development of the activities of the hDMT Foundation.
  2. Supporting the performance of these activities on behalf of the hDMT Foundation.
  3. Reporting about these activities to the executive board.
  4. Evaluating the aforementioned activities.
  5. Signaling important opportunities for new partnerships, research topics and/or funding
  6. Sharing relevant new insights and developments.
  7. Making binding nominations for the appointment of members of the supervisory board.
  8. Giving approval to a decision of the executive board regarding the admittance of new partners to the hDMT Consortium.
  9. Giving approval to a decision of the executive board regarding the amount of the annual fee of the partners.
  10. Determining regulations about procedure and decision-making of the Consortium Assembly.

Representatives per 1-1-2021


hDMT Partner Representative Depute
LUMC Prof. dr. Pancras Hogendoorn Prof. dr. Anton Jan van Zonneveld
UL Dr. Erik Danen Prof. dr. Thomas Hankemeier
Erasmus MC Prof. dr. Joost Gribnau Dr. Marjolein van Driel
UTwente Dr. ir. Andries van der Meer (vice-chair) Prof. dr. Robert Passier
TU Delft Prof. dr. ir. Lina Sarro Prof. dr. Marileen Dogterom
TU Eindhoven Prof. dr. ir. Jaap den Toonder Prof. dr. Cees Storm
UMC Groningen Dr. Sebo Withoff  
RUG Prof. dr. Sabeth Verpoorte (chair)  
MUMC+ Prof. dr. Roman Truckenmüller Prof. dr. Pamela Habibovic

Dr. Stefan Giselbrecht

TNO Dr. Evita van de Steeg  
Amsterdam umc Prof. dr. Sue Gibbs Prof. dr. Coen Ottenheijm
Utrecht University Prof. Tina Vermonden Dr. Bart Spee
Wageningen UR Dr. ir. Hans Bouwmeester  
Radboudumc Prof. dr. Hans van Bokhoven Silvia Albert PhD