Me and My corona

by Katja Wolthers, Amsterdam UMC/AMC, May 2020.

It's Showtime!
by Berend van Meer, LUMC and University of Twente, January 2020

News from the North.
by Amalia Dolga, University of Groningen, October 2019

Emerging viruses, a new challenge for hDMT? OoC models for studying virus-host interactions
by Barry Rockx, Erasmus UMC, December 2018

Out of your comfort zone, Eye-on-Chip, an emerging theme in hDMT
by Andries van der Meer, University of Twente, September 2018

Connecting to make a joint, hDMT connects people to start new collaborations
by Jaap den Toonder, TU/e, September 2017

Exciting times, visiting hDMT International Organ-on-Chip Symposium 2017
by Evita van de Steeg, TNO, July 2017

Coincidence or luck? Visiting an hDMT workshop to 'mix-and-match'
by Yolande Ramos, LUMC,  February 2017

Serendipity, the value of Master’s students and serendipity for hDMT research
by Ronald Dekker TU Delft/Philips, Oktober 2016