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1 million euros for corona research and metabolomics

Can we predict beforehand which of the Covid-19 patients will develop critical symptoms? hDMT PI Professor Thomas Hankemeier, together with a diverse consortium of universities, academic hospitals and industrial partners, is looking for answers. The consortium has received a grant of 1 million euros from Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland). Already in March, Thomas Hankemeier, professor Analytical biosciences at Leiden University and leader of the consortium set his focus on Covid-19 research. He uses his expertise in metabolomics, the field that studies the unique chemical fingerprints that specific metabolomic processes leave in our bodies. Think of amino acids,...

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FDA Report on Advancing Alternative Methods

The FDA’s Alternative Methods Working Group recently published the report Advancing Newe Alternative Methods at FDA. In the report you can read about the activities FDA scientists are undertaking to spur the development of new regulatory approaches that can help improve predictivity – and potentially – replace, reduce or refine animal testing. Dr. Susanne Fitzpatrick, senior advisor for toxicology at FDA about the report: ‘The report entitled Advancing Alternative Methods at FDA was developed by the FDA Alternative Methods Working Group to highlight the significant progress FDA scientists have made in our product centers and offices in laying the groundwork...

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NWA-ORC grant for Virtual Human Platform for Safety Assessment

In the second round of the Dutch Research Agenda Program: Research along routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC) the project Virtual Human Platform for Safety Assessment receives a grant of 9.9 million euros for assessing the safety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals without using laboratory animals. hDMT is closely involved in the project, as are hDMT partners: WUR, Amsterdam UMC, TNO and Leiden University. Imagine a world in which we can accurately test the safety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals for our health without the use of laboratory animals. Imagine that we know how these substances interact with human biology and physiology and how...

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NWA-ORC grant for Organ-on-Chip models with integrated lymphatics

A 5 million Euro NWA-ORC grant was awarded to hDMT researchers to develop immunocompetent human Organ-on-Chip models with integrated lymph drainage for drug discovery and testing (LymphChip). The project is led by Valeria Orlova (coordinator) from Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Christine Mummery (LUMC) and Sue Gibbs (VUMC). The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in our immune system, for example by regulating the immune response to pathogens. Lymphatic dysfunction underlies many diseases and could determine the effectiveness of therapies, whether drug or stem-cell based. Yet, in the new generation of in-vitro organ models used to study the effect of drugs and...

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Booklet on Mini Organs-on-Chips launched

Today the Foundation ‘Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij’ has launched a booklet, entitled ‘Mini Organs-on-Chips. Towards new research models for studying disease and finding treatments’. This new publication in the series of so-called ‘Cahiers’ explains to a large audience, in an easy-to-understand language, what these promising Organs-on-Chips are, and what they can do and cannot (yet) do for health, and wellbeing of society and economy. A state-of-the-art overview is given of what can be expected from this technology, now and in the future. Examples illustrating the potential to improve and accelerate drug development, to enable personalized treatment and to reduce the number...

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