Clinical Advisory Board

The members of the Clinical Advisory Board are renowned medical experts in The Netherlands, covering required clinical expertises. They have expertise in (multidisciplinary) translational research (including cell/ molecular biology) and affinity with pharma/drug development. Their affiliations spread over the Netherlands, they have a broad network in the field of expertise and they are connected to patients’ organizations.

Tasks and responsibilities

The Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) is an advisory organ for the executive board of hDMT and for the hDMT Consortium as a whole. The Board gives advice from a clinical point of view about the design and content of (new) hDMT research programs. In addition the Board advises about project proposals for internal (hDMT research fund) and external funding raised by hDMT. The Board informs hDMT about relevant new clinical insights and developments. The Board members are appointed by the executive board.

Board Members

  • Prof. dr. Douwe Atsma (cardiologist, LUMC)
  • Prof. dr. Paul van Diest (pathologist, UMC Utrecht)
  • Dr. Robert Kauffmann (internist, retired)
  • Prof. dr. Hanneke van Laarhoven (oncologist, AMC)
  • Prof. dr. Jos van der Meer (internist, retired, UMCN)
  • Prof. dr. Tim Radstake (rheumatologist, UMCU)
  • Prof. dr. Stefan Sleijfer (oncologist, ErasmusMC)
  • Dr. Anja van de Stolpe (internist, Philips Research)
  • Prof. dr. Yasin Temel (neurosurgeon, Maastricht UMC+)
  • Dr. Marie-Claire de Wit (pediatric neurologistErasmusMC)