Conferences and Meetings

Lorentz Conference

An international Lorentz conference (September 2012) in Leiden was organized on Organ-on-chip, to bring together a multidisciplinary group of experts and pioneers in the field of organ-on-a-chip to discuss the state of the art as well as the expected new developments. It included topics like the definition and purpose of ‘‘organ-on-a-chip’’, different available human cell sources and their respective opportunities and challenges, 2D versus 3D culture, the various chip, microfluidics, microfabrication and tissue engineering approaches and how to make optimal use of them, the required signal readout technologies, low versus high throughput model systems, and finally the main applications and challenges for the future.


KNAW meeting

At a meeting at the KNAW in Amsterdam, May 27 2013, consortium members unanimously decided that the next step could be establishment of a Dutch Institute “Organ-on-Chip”, supported by the KNAW. Subsequently a small core group from the Consortium, consisting of scientists from Leiden University Medical Center, University of Twente, Philips, University of Delft and Galapagos, has further worked out the contours of the new institute.


Meeting founding partners

During a meeting in Delft on March 17 2014 the green light was given by only 9 consortium members, because of efficiency considerations, to start the preparations for the official foundation of the hDMT institute. The consortium members, being the founding fathers of the institute, appointed two managing directors (Ir. M. Luizink and Dr. Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij) to carry out this task. The number of partners will be further expanded once the hDMT institute has been established.


Workshop Organ on a chip

A workshop ‘Organ on a chip’  was held in the historical Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, seat of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW), on December 1st and 2nd 2014. This workshop was organized in the context of finalisation of the KNAW ‘Over Grenzen’ (Beyond Borders) project and the introduction of the  new ‘Organ on a chip’ hDMT Institute in the Netherlands. Around 50 participants, including representatives of pharmaceutical companies, scientists and medical specialists joined the meeting, which was by invitation only.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the scientific research plans for the new Dutch Institute for human Organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT), planned to be founded in January 2015. Crucial for the success of hDMT is the dialogue with pharmaceutical industry to understand their needs for human healthy organ and disease models on which to base novel assays for improved drug development. The workshop was meant to set the stage for this dialogue: a combination of presentations of ongoing ‘Organ on chip’ model development by (stem cell) biologists, experts in imaging, biochemists, physicists/ engineers, and presentations by industry to create a better understanding of the need to support their future product development.

Report hDMT workshop 'Organ on a Chip'