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HTH Organ on a chip mini-symposium

The Hybrid Technology Hub - Centre for Organ on a chip technology - presents a mini symposium on Organ on a chip, co-organized by hDMT PI Stefan Krauss.


10:00 Stefan Krauss, Hybrid Technology Hub

10:10 Kevin Healy, University of California, Berkeley
Human Tissue Chips for Drug Development, Disease Modeling, and More…

10:40 Paul Gatenholm, Chalmers University of Technology
3D Bioprinting of Vascular Tissue and Organs for Clinical Applications on Earth and for Space Exploration

11:00 Sam Wall, Simula
Data driven modeling for mechanistic insight and uncertainty quantification in cardiac microphysiological systems.

11:20 Erik Andrew Johannessen, University of South-Eastern Norway
The differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in a microfluidic device

11:40 Break

12:00 Espen Melum, Oslo University Hospital
Organoids in bile duct immunology

12:20 Viola Lobert, CanCell Centre of Excellence
Elucidating the role of tumour suppressors in epithelial morphogenesis using organoids

12:40 Hanne Scholz, Hybrid Technology Hub, Center of Excellence
Adipose-derived stem cells improve 3D bioprinted pancreatic islets

13:00 - 13:30 Panel discussion, "The future of OoC". Kevin Healy, Sam Wall, Hanne Scholz, Stefan Krauss.
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