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Flemish-Dutch Science and Innovation Day 2019

On Monday 28 October 2019, the first Flemish-Dutch Science and Innovation Day ('W&I Day') will be held at the Dutch Embassy in Brussels. The initiative to organise such a cross-border S&I day was agreed at the summit meeting between the Flemish and Dutch prime ministers on 5 November 2018.

Flanders and the Netherlands both face major economic and social challenges in the areas of climate, healthcare and digitisation, among others. Science and technology can make an outstanding contribution to solving these challenges.

That is why a strong commitment to research and innovation is important. By also tackling the challenges together and further intensifying their mutual cooperation in the field of research and innovation, Flanders and the Netherlands can mutually strengthen each other in this regard.
For some years now, the research and innovation collaboration between Flanders and the Netherlands has focused on high-tech and (sustainable) chemistry.

The W&I day aims to contribute to further research and innovation collaboration between the two countries and aims to bring together the triple helix stakeholders on both sides of the border around the selected themes of Life Sciences & Health, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Energy.

During the breakout session on Life Sciences & Health, Janny van den Eijnden - van Raaij and Berend van Meer will introduce developments within the Dutch Organ-on-Chip consortium hDMT to explore collaboration with Flemish partners.
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