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Microfluidics Global Expo 2020 virtual roadshow

Tue, 8 September 2020, 10:30 - 21:45, Virtual Roadshow

Brought to you by the Microfluidics Consortium the Microfluidics Global Expo 2020 virtual roadshow with takes place on September 8th. We start in Singapore, pass through Europe before hopping across to the USA and finishing on the West Coast! This is an innovative endeavor on which 'The Sun Never Sets'!

Delegates anywhere in the world can drop in and out at any time to suit their work/life balance.

The EXPO will cover applications of microfluidics in: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Genomics, Cell/tissue/Organ-on-a-chip, DNA read/write, CTC / CT-RNA, Droplets, Sensing and Scale-up. This is an opportunity to:

- hear from and question thought leading speakers from top research institutes

- visit exhibition booths hosted by leading industry vendors, see demonstrations of the latest kit and discuss with them in private where win-wins for you might lie

- meet partners, employers, customers and funders from around the world

- experience the latest virtual networking platform and our 'Concierge Service' designed to help delegates in real time

For programm, sign-in and details see the website.
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