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1st U-AIM webinar: Towards Animal-Free Science

Tue, 24 November 2020, 11:00 - 13:00, Online

The Dutch national ambition is to be leading in the development of innovative in vitro models and other alternatives for animal models by 2025. The Life Sciences community in Utrecht Science Park wants to be a driving force in the realization of this ambition. Several structures and frameworks have been set up in Utrecht that are specifically focused on animal-free testing.

One of these frameworks is the Utrecht-Advanced In vitro Models (U-AIM) hub, that exists to accelerate development and validation of advanced in vitro models. Awareness and education regarding alternatives to animal testing is stimulated by TPI (Transition to Animal-free Testing, Utrecht). Life Sciences Utrecht welcomes hDMT (Human Organ and Disease Model Technologies) consortium, the largest national network focused on organ-on-chip technology. Another Life Sciences hub is the Utrecht-Platform for Organoid Technology (U-PORT) that has been set up to facilitate the usage of patient material for the development of organoid models.

The current edition of the U-AIM webinar series will be focused on how these frameworks can support your research and establish new collaborations.

Confirmed Speakers:

• 11:00 Roos Masereeuw coordinator of U-AIM

• 11:15 Daniela Salvatori chair of TPI Utrecht

• 11:45 Janny van den Eijnden managing director at hDMT

• 12:15 Madelon Maurice coordination of UPORT

• 12:45 Final remarks

Organized by Utrecht Advanced In Vitro Model Hub (U-AIM)

Registration is free
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