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Advanced Tissue-Tissue Interactions Webinar

Wed, 17 March 2021, 16:00 - 17:30, Online

Join CSEM's first webinar on Advanced Tissue-Tissue Interactions organized jointly with New Frontiers in 3D.

While organ-on-chip & organoids technologies have made incredible progress in mimicking their human equivalents, the challenge shifts toward modelling multi-tissue interactions. Such systems enable a more systemic view of biological processes and allow for example understanding complex pharmacodynamics, compound effects on target and off-target organs as well as disease modelling involving the immune response.

Co-chaired by Vincent Revol, CSEM and Adrian Roth, Roche, this webinar will feature presentations by experts in the field followed by a live panel discussion and Q&A.

  • Philip Morris' Applications and Perspecitives on Organs on a Chip & Microphysiological SystemsKasper Renggli-Frey, Scientist Systems Toxicology, Philipp Morris International
  • How to maintain scalability and robustness in multi-organ systems
    Olivier Frey, Head of Technologies & Platforms, InSphero
  • Multi-organ systems to evaluate efficacy and toxicity of compounds
    Dr. James J. Hickman, University of Central Florida
  • A microfluidic-based lid for automated multiwell perfusion
    Sarah Heub and Dr. Siegfried Graf, Experts Life Microsystems, CSEM

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