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MESA+ colloquium series

Mon, 12 April 2021, 16:00 - 17:00, Online

On April 12th (16-17h) the online MESA+ colloquium series will start again with Dr Xavier Gidrol of Biomics Laboratory (CEA/INSERM/UGA), CEA, IRIG, Grenoble, France. "From pancreatic Organoids-on-Chip to Diabetes-on-Chip"

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Hosted by the MESA+ Organ-on-Chip Center Twente (OoCCT).

From pancreatic organoids-on-chip to diabetes-on-chip
Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease, associated with low-grade inflammation of adipose tissue and chronic hyperglycemia. The number of people with type I & II diabetes has increased from 108 million in 1980 to 463 million in 2019. Our project aims to design and validate the next generation of organoids-on-chip (OoC) to improve the medical management of diabetes. We are developing vascularized Langerhanoids-on-chip, using endothelialized islets of Langerhans produced off-line and then incorporated into a chip, where they are embedded in an optimized microenvironment that would favor vascularization, perfusion and long-term production of insulin. We also generate pancreatic exocrine function-on-chip to emulate pancreatic ductal carcinoma. We developed different diabetic and non-diabetic microenvironments, using adipose-derived stem cell or decellularized extra cellular matrix (dECM) from human tissues, to monitor with OoCs how these microenvironments will affect either pancreatic exocrine cancers or islets of functioning. These Diabetes-on-Chips will offer new tools for drug development on the one hand and the definition of an optimized and individualized care pathway for the patient on the other. If successful, this new generation of multi-organoids-on-chip will go beyond the emulation of an organ and will help to model complex human diseases.

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