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NRS Symposium Lung Repair and Regeneration

Fri, 11 November 2016, 08:00 - 18:00, Van der Valk Hotel, Schiphol (The Netherlands)

Organ-on-Chip angle

At 14:45-15:15 Andre Poot (University of Twente) wil present the joint project 'Development of a lung-on-a-chip'.

Target audience

Basic scientists and physicians with interest in translational respiratory research, regarding but not limited to lung regeneration, also including researchers working on lung transplantation, ex-vivo lung conditioning, ex-vivo and in-vivo models for lung disease, regenerative medicine and bioengineering for lung disease and diseases in other organs


The ultimate goal of this symposium is to stimulate research in the Netherlands aimed at repair of damaged lung tissue. Research in the field of regeneration of lung tissue has rapidly developed in the past years, with promising results from animal models and clinical trials using e.g. tracheal implants seeded with autologous cells. Research on lung developmental processes has provided new information on the potential role of stem and progenitor cells as well as key pathways in lung tissue repair and regeneration. Nevertheless, the challenge of regenerative medicine is considerable, because of the complex architecture of the normal lung. The development of therapeutic strategies to enhance tissue repair/regeneration in situ or to use engineered lung tissue for implantation will require the development of more advanced in vitro, ex vivo and/or in vivo models and technologies to study strategies for repair or regeneration of injured lung tissue, including advanced culture models. To stimulate research in the Netherlands aimed at lung regeneration, we aim to:

1) Provide an overview of the current state-of-the art in the field
2) Provide an overview of the ongoing research in this field in the Netherlands
3) Facilitate interaction between Dutch groups
4) Identify opportunities, European and private partners to develop networks

Registration open until October 31st.
You can register by sending an e-mail to:
The costs for the meeting are €50 (NRS members: free)

Please register as soon as possible! Because of the limited capacity. In case that the number of registrations exceeds the capacity, we may have to make a selection on basis of a maximal number of participants from the same research group.

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