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LUMC hiPSC minisymposium


13:00 Christine Mummery (ANA): Perspectives for human iPS cells in disease modelling and regenerative medicine

13:30 Gijs van Santen (KG): iPS to NPC in Coffin-Siris syndrome: experiences so far
13:45 Willeke van Roon (HG): iPSC and drug development for neurodegenerative disorders

14:00 Peter ten Dijke (MCB): Induced pluripotent stem cells to model Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

14:15 Yolande Ramos (MOLEPI): Deciphering the role of identified high impact mutations underlying familial juvenile osteoarthritis by applying iPSC technology

14:30 break

14: 45 Valeria Orlova (ANA): Modeling of vascular diseases with hPSC derivatives
15:00 Harald Mikkers (MCB): Induced pluripotent stem cell to model and treat immunodeficiency

15:15 Eric van der Veer (NIER): Therapeutic splicing: Pinpointing RNA-binding protein interaction sites

15:30 Richard Davis (ANA): Cas9-mediated modification of hPSCs: tools to study development & disease

15:45 Milena Bellin (ANA): Isogenic human pluripotent stem cell pairs to study congenital cardiac arrhythmias

16:00 Daniela Salvatori (PDC): Differentiation-defective human induced pluripotent stem cells reveal strengths and limitations of the Teratoma assay and alternative in vitro pluripotency assays

16:15 break

16:30 Jan Wijnholds (OOG): iPSC-derived human mini retinas as models for early onset retinal disease

16:45 Cathelijne van den Berg (NIER): Kidney organoids derived from human iPSCs become vascularized upon transplantation in vivo

17:00 Elisa Giacomelli (ANA): Three-dimensional cardiac microtissues composed of cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells co-differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells

17:15 Rob Hoeben (MCB): Closing remarks

Drinks (Foyer)
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