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Interactive Masterclass for junior scientists with Prof. Parker

Wed, 13 September 2017, 13:00 - 17:00, AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Parker is well-known for his work on heart-on-chip and brain-on-chip.
See http://diseasebiophysics.seas.harvard.edu/

date and place

Wednesday September 13th

13:00 - 16:30

AMC, H4-284


1.Introduction round

2.Kit Parker: "Art Science"

3. Monika Bialecka PhD (M.Bialecka@lumc.nl)
LUMC, Department of Anatomy & Embryology, Chuva de Sousa Lopes Lab
"Artificial ovary for fertility restoration, when and how?"

4.Isabella Mengarelli PhD (i.mengarelli@amc.uva.nl)
AMC, Department of Experimental Cardiology
"Rare genetic variants in GNB5 cause a multi-system disorder including bradycardia: Disease modelling in hiPSC-CMs"

5.Ir. Berend van Meer
LUMC, Department of Anatomy & Embryology, Mummery Lab_ B.J.van_Meer@lumc.nl
"MUSCLEMOTION: Versatile open software tool to quantify cardiomyocyte and cardiac muscle contraction in vitro and in vivo"

Other attendees:

Aisen Vivas_Twente University a.g.desavivas@utwente.nl
Anne Leferink_Twente University a.m.leferink@utwente.nl
Carrie Stalpers, AMC c.ris@amc.uva.nl
Cathelijne van den Berg_LUMC c.w.van_den_Berg@lumc.nl
Rolf Slaats, Twente University r.h.slaats@utwente.nl
Yusuf Bilgehan Arik, Twente University y.b.arik@utwente.nl

For more information about both events, please contact Dr. Carrie Ris (c.ris@amc.uva.nl).

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