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Inserm Workshop "Organ-on-chip: understanding and mimicking living organisms for better treatment", phase II Technical Workshop

Mon, 22 October 2018 - Thu, 25 October 2018, Lyon and Grenoble, France

Two Inserm workshops on Organ-on-Chip will be held in the context of ORCHID in France in October 2018. ORCHID partner CEA (Grenoble) is one of the organizers of the workshops. The course will cover ongoing efforts and various applications of OoC while also addressing ethical issues. Different ORCHID partners, hDMT partners and other members of the European Organ-on-Chip network are contributing to the interesting programme.


Nathalie PICOLLET D'HAHAN (CEA-BGE-Biomics, Grenoble), Donald K. MARTIN (TIMC-
IMAG, UGA, Grenoble), Christophe MARQUETTE (ICBMS-UniversiteĢ Lyon1-CNRS, Villeurbanne).

A practical workshop of 4 days with one group of 8 persons focusing on:

1) 3D scaffold manufacturing by using 3D printing technologies (computer aided design, introduction to 3D printing technologies, bioinks, bioreactors) (2 days);

2) Biomaterials and biomembranes (Polyelectrolytes-based biomembranes, self-assembling biopolymers, imaging) (1 day) and

3) Skin bioengineering; flow-focussing microencapsulation; 3D Bioprinting, Skin-on-Chip platform) (1 day).

These 3 workshops will be sequentially organized and coordinated by Christophe Marquette (3d.Fab, Lyon); Don Martin (TIMC- IMAG, UGA, Grenoble) and Nathalie Picollet-D'hahan (CEA-BGE-Biomics, Grenoble).

SELECTION: One group of 8 persons will be selected among Phase I participants. Everyone follows the 3 workshops sequentially between Lyon (2 days) and Grenoble (2 days).

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