Radboud Summer School on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

During the five-day course, you will gain a deep understanding of culture and pluripotency maintenance of induced pluripotent stem cells. You will learn how to culture, passage, select, freeze and thaw iPSCs, how to get rid of differentiating cell contamination in your iPSC culture and how to choose the correct passaging technique. You will have...

Advanced in vitro models summer school

Learn about how Advanced In Vitro Models (AIM) holds the potential to reduce animal experimentation by scientific breakthroughs. The convergence of science, technology, legislation and extrapolation modelling in Utrecht is highlighted in this week-long course. This program is comprised of meeting experts, hands-on bench work, modelling and demonstrations. It allows for a high amount of...

2nd workshop on Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids

The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids workshop is a two-day event bringing together decision-makers from the pharma & biotech industry, clinicians, organ-on-Chip suppliers, regulatory experts, and research organizations. Event is postponed to 23-24 August, 2022.

European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) 2022

The 32th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) will be held in France (Bordeaux) in September 2022. The Biomics lab from the Health Department of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of CEA Grenoble (France) will organize a session dedicated to "Organ-on-Chip" (OoC).  https://www.esbbordeaux2022.org/


EUROSENSORS Conferences, 11-14 September 2022, a unique forum for scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industry to present their latest results in the field of Sensors, Actuators, Microsystems and Nanosystems.  https://www.eurosensors2020.eu/

ICT 2022 International Congress of Toxicology

The XVITH International Congress of Toxicology, jointly organized by IUTOX and EUROTOX and hosted by the Netherlands Society of Toxicology, will take place on September 18-22, 2022​. The theme of the 2022 ICT "Uniting in Toxicology", reflects our desire to address topics dealing with different disciplines. Working together, these disciplines with their diverse perspectives contribute...

EPoSS Annual Forum 2022

EPoSS is planning to hold its Annual Forum 2022 from October 4 to October 7, 2022 in Turin, Italy. The event will be hosted by the EPoSS member and strategic partner MESAP Innovation Cluster.   For more information on the program, speakers and registration see the event website. Source: https://www.smart-systems-integration.org/event/eposs-annual-forum-2022  

Smart Materials and Surfaces – SMS 2022 Conference

The 7th Edition Smart Materials & Surfaces conference, SMS 2022, is a three-days event targeting researchers interested in the design, modification, characterization and applications of Novel Smart Materials, Surfaces and Structures. It covers the most promising areas of the smart and multifunctional materials R&D and report recent advances on creatively modified Materials. The goal of...

hDMT Consortium Meeting

This year the hDMT Consortium Meeting will take place F2F on Friday November 25th at Studio 33/Eenhoorn in Amersfoort. (opposite to Amersfoort CS). The hDMT consortium meeting is a one-day closed meeting, exclusively for all researchers who are actively involved in hDMT research, from student to professor. The aim is getting to know each other...

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