Funding opportunities

Open calls in The Netherlands


NWO Open Science Fund

The Open Science Fund aims to support researchers to develop, test and implement innovative ways of making research open, accessible, transparent and reusable, covering the whole range of Open Science. With this call, NWO wants to stimulate Open Science by incentivizing and rewarding researchers who are or would like to be at the forefront of this movement.

Total budget: 1 M€, Project size 50 K€, maximum duration 1 yr, Deadline 1 April 2021. More


NWO Open Competition Domain Science – XL

In the NWO Open Competition Domain Science - XL, consortia of researchers can apply for curiosity-driven, fundamental research in the research fields of the NWO Domain Science (NWO-domein Exacte en Natuurwetenschappen (ENW)).Through cooperation consortia create added value compared to separate smaller projects, such as ENW -M grants.

Total budget: 30 M€, Project size 1 - 3 M€, no cofinancing, Deadlines: Pre-proposal 15 April 2021, Full proposal 23 December 2021. More


NWO CALL: Key Technologies

The call Key Technologies (including Organ-on-Chip) is aimed at funding fundamental and application-oriented scientific research into technological breakthroughs to create economic opportunities for the Netherlands and to contribute to solving societal challenges.

Total budget 11 M€, Project size 750 K€ - 2.5 M€, Cofinancing 30%, Deadlines: Appropriateness statement 10 November 2020, Pre-proposal 19 January 2021, Full proposal 18 May 2021. More


Third CALL NWA-programme

The aim of the NWA research programme ‘Research along Routes by Consortia (ORC)’ NWA-ORC 2020/21 is to stimulate research and innovation aimed at the portfolio of the 25 routes and the associated 140 cluster questions in the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA). One of the routes is ‘Regenerative Medicine, game changer towards broad application’, including Organ-on-Chip.

Total budget 132,2 M€, Project size 0.5 – 10 M€, Cofinancing 10%, Deadlines: Announcement initiative 1 October 2020, Pre-proposal 14 January 2021, Full proposal 24 June 2021. More


NWO CALL: Perspectief-round 2020/2021

This call focuses on stimulation of innovation with an economic and societal impact to solve innovation bottlenecks. Perspectief focuses on the following aspects: the development of new technology via a multidisciplinary approach, collaboration with and co-financing by users, specific activities aimed at valorization.

Total budget 22 M€, project size 1.5 – 4M€, Cofinancing 30% (public and private, no cash), Deadlines: Announcement initiative 22 October 2020, Pre-proposal + appropriateness form 15 December 2020, Full proposal 15 June 2021. More


NWO/ZonMw CALL: Living with dementia

The outcomes of this call are meant to contribute to the overarching mission objective of the Knowledge & Innovation Agenda (KIA) 2020-2023 Health & Care that by 2030, the quality-of-life of people with dementia has increased by 25%. New, still experimental technologies (e.g. “brain on a chip” technology) can also contribute.

Total budget 5.25 M€, Project size 2.9-3.1 M€, Cofinancing 15%, Deadlines: Pre-proposal 26 January 2021, Full proposal 25 May 2021. More


NWO CALL: Open Technology Programme

The Open Technology Programme focuses on technical-scientific research and is characterised by the absence of disciplinary boundaries. The Open Technology Programme aims to realize knowledge transfer between technical sciences and users, which is in line with the mission of the NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences. Research applications are tested on both scientific quality and the utilisation perspective. Both criteria are given equal weight in the decision-making process.

Total budget 23 M€, project size 850 K€ max, Cofinancing 25% of the excess above 600 K€, submission throughout the year, no deadline. More


Topsector LSH match call

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) encourages innovative research by (financially) supporting public-private partnerships (PPP) in the life sciences & health sector. With this Match Regulation, for-profit enterprises and research organizations are encouraged to jointly invest in research and development (R&D) with the aim of developing sustainable and innovative products and services within the LSH sector. The research should fit within the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023 of the Top Sector LSH.

Budget: dependent on the PPP allowance (max 4 yr), cofinancing dependent on type of research (15, 30 or 45%), deadline: 18 maart 2021 (and October 2021). More



NWO, SGF, ZonMw, Topsector LSH CALL: Human Measurement Models 2.0: For health research on diseases and prevention

The overall aim of the programme Human measurement models is to facilitate the development of new, more eļ¬ƒcient human measurement models for health research to ensure that research results can be applied better and faster in humans. The focus of the current call is to develop innovative human measurement models for disease research or the prevention of diseases, including toxicity studies. The results from health research and any developed model has to be applicable for multiple diseases and has to have an impact for multiple patient groups.

Total budget 5.55 M€, Project size 0.5 – 1 M€ (2-4 yr), Cofinancing dependent on the type of research (10, 30 or 45%), deadline: 3 November 2020. More