hDMT Agenda

These meetings are for members only. If you are an hDMT researcher and interested to join one of the theme groups please contact us via info@hdmt.technology

Annual hDMT Consortium Meeting

  • t.b.d.

hDMT theme group meetings 2023

  • Bone-on-Chip (Bone-oC) 15 June (10-16h, UTwente), 14 December (10-16h, Radboudumc)
  • Heart-on-Chip (HoC) 31 March (10-16h, Amsterdam UMC), 22 September (10-16h, LUMC)
  • Gut-Liver-on-Chip (GLoC) 11 May (10-13h, Online), 19 October (10-16h, UU)
  • Brain-on-Chip (BoC) 6 April (10-16h, Location t.b.d.), 5 October (10-16h, Erasmus MC)
  • Skeletal Muscle-on-Chip (SMoC) 15 February (10-16h, LUMC), 8 November (10-16h, Amsterdam UMC)
  • Eye-on-Chip (EoC) 24 May (10-13h, Amsterdam UMC), 15 November (10-13h, Online)
  • Cancer-on-Chip (CoC) 31 January (10-13h, Online), 7 September (10-16h, RUG) 
  • Vessels-on-Chip (VoC) 8 June (10-16h, Erasmus MC), 7 December (10-16h, LUMC)