Managing Director hDMT INFRA

  • Leiden

Are you a proactive leader with a passion for advancing research on organ and disease models and infrastructure development? This function offers an exciting opportunity to shape the future of hDMT INFRA StemCells!

About your role

As Managing Director of hDMT INFRA, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the infrastructure and operations of our Service Centers of Expertise (SCEs). Your responsibilities will encompass various aspects crucial to the success and growth of hDMT INFRA StemCells.

Your primary task will involve establishing the infrastructure of hDMT INFRA, including the formation of the Central Hub team and management structure. This will require seamless integration and collaboration among SCEs located at LUMC, UMCU, and EMC, linking them to form a cohesive network. You will be tasked with identifying the services offered by SCEs and defining support portfolios and procedures to facilitate their operations. Developing uniform agreements between the Central Hub and individual SCEs will be essential to ensure clarity in responsibilities and finances.

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